Christmas Crackers

2020 has been a year like nothing we’ve experienced before and certainly hope never to experience again. The fact that the anniversary of the band’s foundation 20 years ago came and went un-noticed was of no real importance in the overall scheme of things as the Covid-19 pandemic swiftly took control of our lives.  Gigs were cancelled and even rehearsing soon ground to a halt as the need to distance ourselves from one another to prevent the spread of the virus became the number one priority.  Our annual Christmas Party gig at Lansdown Golf Club has always been one of the highlights of the year and helped us raise a great deal of money from the donations we receive at the end of it for whichever charity the band has been supporting in that particular year.  This year’s event, of course, isn’t going to take place so we have had to arrange something different for you.

Please view the audio player below to access some of the Christmas music we’ve been able to record for our alternative on-line  ‘gig’ together with some party numbers we’d have played as well.  We’ve also included the video we produced in the summer too.  We very much hope you like and enjoy these pieces and ask that, if you can, you make a donation to the “Park Lane’s Christmas Crackers” fund we’ve set up on  Your donations will be split equally between our chosen charity, “Bernie’s Vision” and the Golf Club’s charity, the “Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association” . You can find links to both charities here:

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