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  • Trumpets

    Paul WesterPaul Wester

    Paul plays the trumpet. He is short and recently became a father.

    When the investigation into Paul has come to fruition more information on him will be available here.

    Alex WoodAlex Wood

    You might recognise Alex from such productions as the AlSam diaries, the Bull-Rooster trials or Tripe Challenge, but when he is not living the high-life as a star of stage and screen, he likes to play trumpet with the Park Lane Big Band.

    Alex started playing the trumpet because he was too lazy to carry a drum kit around for gigs and rehearsals. Since that day he appears to have made it his mission to learn every instrument in a big band, with the exception of trombone. He says that this is because the trombone requires too much skill, care and attention to play well, and that he doesn’t feel that he would be up to the task.

    He is a fan of the colour red, kangaroos and the number 243. If he were an animal he would probably be a meerkat. His favourite TV programme is Most Haunted, although he hasn’t watched televsion for the past 3 years because he has been living the life of a hermit on the lower slopes of the Pyrenees.

    When Alex grows up he would like to learn how to tap dance.


    Charlie Matters

    Charlie plays the trumpet as well. He used to have long hair (somewhere there is a rather funny video demonstrating this fact), however, this is no longer true.


    Hazel Wood

    You’ve probably guessed, but Hazel is also a trumpet player. With a love of camping, Hazel is a musical asset to the band.