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  • Trombones

    DSC_0260-EditRobin Slee

    Robin joined Park Lane in the summer of 2009.

    He will write something exciting about himself soon.

    DSC_0293-EditMartin Gore

    Martin also joined Park Lane in 2009.

    He will also write something to go here.

    Kate HabgoodKate Habgood

    Despite being a proper doctor (of a Palaeobotanic flavour) Kate has been unable to furnish her biography with any real information. It has however been discovered that not only is her thesis (Integrated approaches to the cycling of primary produce in early terrestrial ecosystems) becoming a popular classic, but that her favourite animal is a burrowing owl. She has an obsession with malt loaf and is believed to be the pioneer of the trombone technique known as the ‘hip-dip’.

    Sam DaviesSam Davies

    Sam is an internationally acclaimed award winning (2007) trombonist despite only having played the trombone for ten years and being the tender young age of 22.

    If you ask him nicely then he will let you stroke his hair, which he keeps soft (it is believed) by cooking whilst wearing fleeces.

    Some people say that Sam’s shadow is both more intelligible and interesting to talk to should you be stuck in a lift.

    He lists his musical influences as Girls Aloud, S-Club 7 and Take That.

    Sadly Sam has now left Park Lane, but as his profile was the most exciting on the site, we’ve left him here.