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  • Rhythm

    DSC_0295-EditDavid Pegler

    Dave is the MD of the band, as well as playing the piano. He likes to have his piano amp up rather loud, most probably due to the many, many years he has been playing.

    He has wanted to play the piano since the age of 4, and nearly 50 years later he still has hopes that he may someday achieve this aim.

    As well as piano, he is a saxophonist, and lists musical influence ranging from Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Stravinsky and Bartok through Miles Davis and all the great big band leaders through to his modern day hero: Mr Gordon Goodwin!!

    His claim to fame was driving Eric Marienthal and Wayne Bergeron back to their hotel in the boot of his car after a gig a few years ago.

    DSC_0219-EditNick Goodall

    Nick has been playing piano since he was 5 and bass since he was 14. Despite the fact that he is also able to play the violin and viola, he is a nice guy, whose favourite PLBB charts include Milestones, Hayburner and I Just Can’t Wait to be King.

    DSC_0291-EditSteve Jobbins

    Steve has been playing the drums for approximately 20 years, ever since he lost simultaneously both his teeth and his ability to play the trumpet in an accident.

    He is partial to a various varieties of squash (as in the vegetable) although feels he shares something in common with a Jelly Baby.

    He was weaned on the Sex Pistols and The Jam and lists other musical influences as anything with Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd or Stewart Copland playing drums. He wishes that the band would play Jazz Police more often.


    Chris Jones

    Chris plays all varieties of pots and pans, and is frequently found beavering away building a massive structure of instruments to hit up to 4 days before a gig is due to begin.

    His favourite colour is red, which goes some way to explaining his penchant for carrots, and started playing drums many moons ago because he saw it as an opportunity to make money. How wrong he was.

    Buddy Rich is his hero in the jazz world, and Phil Collins in the pop side. Since he expanded his portfolio from drums to encompass playing percussion,  he watches Luis Conte, who is apparently amazing.