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  • Live performance on 5Live


    January 24th, 2012 dave News

    You can listen to your favourite big band tonight (24th January) playing live on BBC Radio 5Live!  Yup, that’s right, on NATIONAL RADIO!!  We’re performing on the Tony Livesy Show which is on between 10.30pm – 01.00am.  If you’re a night owl then this is going to be absolutely right for you but, if you’re like me and should be tucked up in bed at that time in bed, fear not – the show will be on the iplayer from late Wednesday.

    You can listen on AM (909, 693), on digital radio, digital TV or online at bbc.co.uk/5live

    We’ll post a link on here to the show once it appears on the iPlayer.

5 Responses to “Live performance on 5Live”

  1. I remember the heady days of Nick Langston’s radio show – I hope it will be of similar quality!

    Best of luck

    Jerry N

  2. Wow, is this true? This is very exciting! I love you guys. Will you be playing any Gordon Goodwin? Can i phone in with a request?

  3. Jerry – we’re going national here. No tin-pot local for us.

    Sammy – it certainly is true, but you’re going to have to tune in to find out what gems we’ll be pleasuring the nation with!

  4. Where’s Chris?

  5. From the boss:

    Hi Sammy

    Thanks for getting in touch about tonight’s PLBB broadcast on Radio 5Live. Alas, none of Gordon’s tunes will be having an outing as we are having to work within the parameters set down by the show’s producer. Having said that, our “In The Mood” will be the more modern Jeff Tyzik arrangement rather than the traditional Millar one. As for requests, you can always try – no vocal numbers though tonight – the show also has a choir so that’s the vocal content for the evening.

    Happy listening and thanks for getting in touch!

    Dave Pegler

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